Most Churches and venues will only allow biodegradable confetti. We supply natural petal confetti for any event from a small individual cone to big boxes.

All of Violet`s Garden petal confetti will biodegrade within a few days leaving no mess or sweeping up.

We can supply throwing confetti in bags or pouches or larger petals and rosebuds for table decorating, petal paths and flower girl baskets. Several of our clients order the confetti in individual organza bags for placing on guest seats or distributing with orders of service.

Choose from single colours or ready-made mixes.

Personalise your special day by pick and mixing to make your own unique combination and see how our petals can add that extra special touch to your day. Why not order some free colour samples to play with. These are ideal for matching to a colour scheme or showing to a venue.


Petals are measured in litres. To get an idea use your kitchen measuring jug as a guide to compare volume 1 Litre = 1.76 pints. Petals vary in weight so it is easier to measure by volume than weight.

Throwing confetti petals are small and light and float to the ground whilst larger petals are heavier but give you a bright splash of colour, lavender grain adds sparkle to your photographs.

It is traditionally the ladies that throw the confetti although we are finding that more often all the guests want to be involved. So for a wedding of 100 people we would recommend about 5 litres of throwing confetti allowing for 50 guests to throw.

Please see our confetti calculator for more ideas.